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Exploitation of scientific outcome

Since 2002 the German high education system incorporated a third major pillar “technology transfer”, to the former two pillars “research” and “teaching”. To encourage technology transfer, the German federal and state governments have created variety of subsidy programs with the aim to create favorable conditions for universities and scientists willing to carry out research with economic advantage. Due to comparatively long developmental times for generating Opens external link in current windownew products (ideas) and services in the field of medicine, patents based on Opens external link in current windowinventions are usually the only “intermediate products” that can be commercialized by scientists and universities. The establishment of Opens external link in current windowstart-up companies may also provide yet an interesting opportunity of making an economic use of the scientific research results.

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  • Contacts to Charité-internal Invention- Office
  • Information on “patents”
  • Information on intellectual property rights – queries on contract administration and management
  • Information on subsidiary programs and funds
  • Assistance in filing an application
  • Contact to companies
  • Information on “spin-off creation”
  • Information on “regulatory affairs”
  • External (industry) experts

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