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Patent and publications

An invention is patentable, only if it is new. In terms of patentability it is considered for new, if the underlying idea or invention has not been previously published, including any kind of publication not even in form of posters, abstracts, lectures, presentations, theses, etc.

The fundamental rule is: First apply for a patent, and then you may publish!

If you are only about to publish your invention, nevertheless you are encouraged to file a patent application. The patent application procedure is carried out in few days of time and therefore this will not affect or delay your plans for publishing. 

Other important Information:

  • Inventions must be reported to the employer. Please use the invention disclosure form.
  • The Charité technology transfer office fulfills the duties and rights on behalf of the employer.
  • According to § 4 ArbErfG an employee invention is any scientific idea leading to technological action that has emerged in the context of the university employment relationship.
  • The university (technology transfer office) must decide if it intends to take use of the invention within (the following) four month from the date of invention disclosure.
  • If the inventor has planned to turn the invention into a publication and states the submission date of publication, thus the decision process shortens from four to two months.
  • The university is obligated to arrange the intellectual property rights disclosure for any invention in claim.
  • The university shall decide the various countries in which the invention is to be patented. The countries for which the university in not intending to apply for a patent shall be disclosed to the inventor / team of inventors.

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