Product ideas

To exploit knowledge, scientists do need funding

Product ideas, regardless of whether patent- protected or not, evolve further elaboration processes before being commercialized. Thus, the product creation process costs money. For this purpose, the German government and state has implemented several funding modules in support of knowledge transfer.

We are glad to help you finding an appropriate funding for your project

Numerous of funding tenders are offered at German federal and regional level. These individual funding modules support different research packages, depending on the objectives of the aid programs.  Please, feel free to contact us and we are glad to inform you on the possibilities that various funding programs may offer and try finding the best suitable one for your project.

We are happy to support you in the process of submitting a grant application

Application form guidelines may differ in their validation criteria for application, depending on the type of funding programs/modules and objectives.  We are glad to provide you with various tips on how best to apply for an appropriate funding program or put you in touch with consultants who may help you with your grant application.  Furthermore, we are happy to guide you through the Charité- administration procedure dealing with grant application issues, as well as assist you in establishing contacts with the project executing organization.

We are glad to help you finding cooperation partners from the industry

Numerous funding programs give a targeted support to cooperation between business and science. We are willing to identify and evaluate a suitable cooperation partner for you and support you on issues related to legal confidentiality aspects.

We are glad in helping you to catch up an advice of an expert

Academic stuff have little proven expertise and knowledge on market analysis, regulatory issues or topics related to specific product developmental processes and marketing.
In order to assess associated economic risks and trends properly, be able to make an efficient use of own resources, and ensure that they can convert their research work into market-oriented products and projects, scientists may require the supportive expertise of a specialist. Please feel free to contact us and we will try arranging for you free of charge consultation with experts.

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