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Technology Transfer Initiatives

Medical Research leads to the generation of important scientific knowledge and data, which can become beneficial for patients only when scientists, medical doctors and industry work together even more closely than before.

Medical technology transfer plays a significant and supporting role for implementing scientific results in drugs, technologies and methods for the benefit of patients.

Here are examples for successful technology transfer initiatives. 

A method, patented by Charité was successfully tested in a Novel Phase I DNA Vaccine Study
Prof. A. Vogt (01.12.2017)

New Peptides for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dr. Skriner (02.06.2017)

Breakthrough in the development of dialysis methods
Prof. Zidek (22.09.2015)

Spin-Off Berlin Cures develops new substance to prevent myocardial diseases
Berlin Cures (17.11.2014)

Charité granted an exclusive license on a diagnostic method for bone healing to Beckmann Coulter
Beckman Coulter (4.11.2014)