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"SPARK Proposals" to enhance translation

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Your Opportunity

Are you investigating basic mechanisms of disease? Are you sitting on a new technology or potential pharmacotherapy with clinical potential, yet the developmental know-how is lacking? Why not let the SPARK Berlin program enhance the translatability of your innovative technology!    

Our Concept

The current success rate of translating novel scientific finding into new diagnostics, medical devices or therapies is disappointingly low at academic institution across the globe (less than 5 per cent). Causes are numerous including the erratic selection of promising projects, the high degree of project risk and minimal attention to intellectual property. The SPARK Berlin program is designed to de-risk projects with high potential impact, addressing critical unmet medical needs for any indication. This program is based on the highly successful “SPARK” program developed at Stanford University, which has achieved a translational success rate of over 50 per cent, through education, mentorship, advising and milestone-based funding.

Your Benefit
•Funds to de-risk you project
•Advice from volunteer industry leaders
•Mentored project management support
•Establish defensible Intellectual Property
•Learn what translation is all about
•Become educated on drug and diagnostic development
•Cross the Valley of Death
•Bring your invention to market and/or clinic
•Be a member of the SPARK international network
•Participate in a community of inventors and entrepreneurs
•Gain access to investors and experts on commercialization


Any Charité or MDC affiliate (faculty, clinician, postdoctoral fellow, or graduate student team) is welcome to apply. The application must be co-signed by the research group leader.

How to apply

Step 1: Use the application form (download on the right hand side) and submit a two-page application of your proposed therapy or diagnostic that addresses an unmet medical need or utilizes a novel approach for any indication. Send the application by 7 March 2016 via the BIH online application portal. Applications will be accepted from 1 February 2016 onwards.
Step 2: Be selected by our SPARK Team and get an invitation to pitch your project before our external SPARK Advisory Team (April 2016).
Step 3: Selected projects will receive guidance and financial support (€50K p.a.- max. two years).

Dates and deadlines

Call open since:
15 January 2015

Deadline for the first stage:

7 March 2016

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Patricia Ebel

Kommunikationsmanagerin BHI10178 Berlin

Postadresse:10178 Berlin

Campus- bzw. interne Geländeadresse:Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2

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